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What happens if I have hypothyroidism and I don't take medication?

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Inactive 22 Dec 2012

Hello kimminell. What ever symptoms you are experiencing will only become more severe. (I am not a doctor) Regards pledge

smileyhappy 22 Dec 2012

Hi Kimminell,

You are asking for big trouble! Take your medication. You can get really sick!

Inactive 22 Dec 2012

kimminell, Hello, I got hypothyroidism when I was pregnant eighteen years ago. I started noticeing my heartrate would go up really high, and it scared me. I had blood work done ASAP, and they told me I had it, and was put on two medications. A beta blocker and another med to lower them. I highly reccomend you do not ignore this and take the right actions to get them under control. Your Friend, Ruthie. And Merry Chrismas.

kaismama 22 Dec 2012

You're playing russian roulette with your life. Our bodies need the thyroid hormone to function. Its like trying to run a car without gas, however lacking thyroid hormone can cause damage to your body.

meyati 23 Dec 2012

Why are you wanting to commit suicide? before you die, you'll have possibly months of just not feeling well, you can develop permanent heart problems, be fat, depressed, too emotional, nervous, irritate other people, some even appear psychotic. Why do you want to do this to yourself and your family? Do you realize that hundreds , if not thousands are misdiagnosed as having mental illnesses, when it's a thyroid problem? 3 or 4 dead women in 2 months in Grants, New Mexico-Does that answer your question? It was like a thyroid epidemic. The next victim gained over a 100 lbs in less than a month-never lost more than 10 lbs. I was the next victim-got caught in time, while I have other medical problems, I have a pretty good life because I take thyroid supplement.

meyati 23 Dec 2012

Do you know how many people would pay millions to be cured from a mental illness or cancer by taking a cheap little pill? Diabetics would love it.

endlessPred 24 Dec 2012

Hello kimminell. I have a question for you. Why would you not take the medication? It will cause death at some point. So please explain your question further. Perhaps we don't understand what you are dealing with.

If your doctor takes you off for a time it is to lower your high numbers. Perhaps this is what you are asking?

kimminell 24 Dec 2012

It has been my experience that Medical Errors are 2nd only to smoking as the reason for annual deaths in the US. They lied about my mom, when she had cancer (we got it all) and she had three more bouts of it before she eventually died of full blown uterine/brain cancer. My stepdaughter, 18, was burned to a crisp by a cancer dr, and thanks to "real" medical professionals she is in remission for 6 years now. My father was given a shot of demerol and sent home when he was having a heart attack, being mis-diagnosed by doctors... and fell dead that same afternoon on his 57th birthday. My bro in law was blood tested three days in a row at a local hospital and they told him nothing was wrong... then the 4th day, he was operated on for 6 hours in heart surgery and told his veins and arteries were "coated" with such a bad bacterial infection and he had 6 wks of intravenious antibiotics...

endlessPred 24 Dec 2012

Thanks for your candid response. Your experiences sound dreadful. Would be curious as to where you live.

First, get a second opinion from another doctor. Second, get the results from the blood test so we have some facts on this end. Then we can help you as well.

If you do have a thyroid problem, we will help you. Thyroid can happen to anyone at any time and age. It runs in families or just shows up.

It may be difficult to trust doctors. However, I have had to or I would not be here. I suggest that you get some facts, ask questions and start reading about thyroid diseases. Being prepared will help you. I am always here, as are others, to help. Let me know how you are doing. Things will get better. Karen free discount card

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