... until recently. My doctor quit her practice and around the same time, RLC Labs, manufacturer of Nature-Throid, stopped producing their product in varying doses. The dose I was prescribed is no longer available. They have taken all doses off the market, but plan to re-introduce it only in the 1 Grain tablets initially, followed by 1/2 Grain tablets. I would have to get a new doctor and also a new prescription for a different dose than the one I was on for years.
I chose this time to try getting away from taking thyroid hormone and treat it with other methods. I am trying the natural desiccated thyroid supplements that contain natural glandular products, along with iodine drops (lugol's solution 2%), increasing the dosage in increments to reach the therapeutic dose for efficacy.
I have run into a problem at this point - I am literally putting on weight at a rate of 1 or 2 pounds a day or every other day. I don't know if this was supposed to be part of the process, but I am becoming miserable. I look so bloated that I am beginning to almost look pregnant! I am wondering if this will start to subside as time progresses and my body detoxifies.
At this point, I am questioning if this is something I want to continue to pursue. I am starting to lean towards getting a new doctor and start back on Nature-Throid again. As I already stated, the dose I was on is no longer available.
But I am starting to feel unwell. Has anyone else had a similar experience to share with me? I cannot tolerate this weight gain and bloated feeling. My face looks swollen and puffy.
My stomach is upset. I can't eat much, but when I step on the scales, I continue to gain daily. I was wondering if this is just a temporary reaction to detoxifying. I do not like the Lugol's solution drops. It tastes awful !