... I have leg cramps, feel like I have the flu, keep gaining weight, and feel so depressed. I feel useless. I am a very strong person, but this is getting to me. Starting at the end of November I felt like I had the flu and went to the doctor. It was all I could do to walk from my house to the car. They took blood and did a TSH test. My TSH was 28.6. They put me on levothyroid 50mcg. I took this for 5 weeks and they checked my TSH. It was .014 this time and they had me stop the med. I had been off it for 3 weeks and my neck started swelling. They did an ultrasound last week and I have an enlarged thyroid(know as an goiter). The doctor did another TSH test and it is 16.0 now. They have put me back on the medicine 25mcg now. I feel like no one feels the way I am. My family say they understand, but I don't see how. I sure don't. Please tell me that I will feel better and feel like getting on with my life