TSH, Ft4, T4, FT3 are all within normal range, although TSH shows very mild hyperthyroidism. I cannot get out of bed, my muscles do not work, my digestion is super sluggish, I have joint pain, am losing my hair in clumps, my nails are crumbling, and now six teeth that have never had a cavity and were healthy at my last dental visit two months ago crumbled while eating spinach. I do not eat candy, nor anything hard as I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and cannot chew well. Therefore, I do not use my teeth as tools. I cannot eat bagels because they are too hard and difficult to chew. I have been on a soft diet for 30 years. I do not grind, nor clench my teeth. My skin is very dry, and the callus buildup is incredible. Am itchy everywhere with no rash. Have weird random be sting sensations all over my body. I am freezing and then dying of the heat, like a hot flash, yet I am freezing cold. I am losing my hair in clumps, my thinking is so foggy - i feel like I am spaced out. I cannot function. My entire body hurts. I wake up with a swollen face, wrists, hands, ankles, feet and my stomach is so bloated I look 9 months pregnant. You can watch my belly grow. The swelling comes and goes. I have gained 60 pounds that will not budge. I used to be a mountain climber, but now I am completely bed ridden. I get dizzy and lose my balance very easily. I actually was doing better before I started levothyroxine, despite my TSH being a 39 when synthroid was started. It has been 14 months since starting this medication. My blood work keeps coming back with everything in the normal range, yet I am much much worse. I have revamped my diet cut out gluten and lactose and am eating a lot of fruits and veggies. HELP. How do I get a doctor to listen to me. I just want to feel well. My body is so physically depressed that I cannot keep going from doctor to doctor getting no where. My last doctor told me that I am severely hypothyroid, but my labs are normal so there is no change in my treatment. I am wondering if levothyroxine gives false readings on these tests? I have more symptoms now that I am t synthroid, than before I had any thyroid treatment. I cannot afford the natural medications, such as armour.