I have been taking hypothyroid meds since approx 2002. They worked well for many years. Then in 2009, I began, again, to gain weight, become tired and ill alot... I hadnt changed eating habits, they were great, and i hadnt changed exercise regimen. However, i have recently read that in 2008 thyroxine was changed to levothyroxine, but this change was simply a filler addition. I remember the pharmacist telling me of this change but saying it wouldn't make any difference to my health. I then forgot about the change, until now. Since 2010 I have searched for a new drug that would provide me with the results of the thyroxine... i havent found any ..including a version of armour called thyroid..My doctor seemed completly unaware of any of these changes, why? Also zinc, selenium and chromium seem to help some with the
fatigue.. more so than the meds. Finally, i had to stop taking these meds for a short time... during that time period i felt better, not as many backaches or kidney stones, and i even seemed to have an equal if not more energy than on the levothyroxine or thyroid... any suggestion