... experimented with my Dr. using several diuretics to drop water and lower my BP. Bumex helps best. Many of the drugs I was allergic to, giving me hives. The K issue got progressively worse, and now I am taking nearly 100 meq daily. Often I will wake up in the night with leg and back cramps, take more K, then I can get back to sleep. I'm taking so much of it just to stay above 3.5 on the K serum test that I get really uncomforable gas from it. I take it in capsules, can't swallow the tablets, too bitter. Tried taking the tablets of K-bicarb fizzies, but my body won't absorb it and I become extremely depleted quite rapidly. The problem is the capsules: Ethex pharmaceuticals was shut down by the FDA for some violation, and now all I can get is the 10 meq capsules (blue) made by Andrx. Don't know why but they are not available everywhere, and are much larger in size than the Ethex ones were. Questions:
1.) Is anyone else out there taking 100 meq daily or am I an exception?
2.) Is there some explanation for being unable to absorb K in the bicarb form?
3.) Is any other pharma-co. making the capsules now beside Andrx? My pharmacist cannot find any.
4.) Bumex was supposed to be K-sparing. Why is this problem getting worse?