I am 34 years old and was diagnosed about three years ago. I have always had problems with libido but four years ago there was a sudden drop in libido and erectile dysfunction. I am taking HCG four times a week and it helps getting my hormone levels balanced but it has absolutely no effect on my libido. I feel like they are just numbers on paper that mean nothing to the way I feel. I am irritable, unamiable and I am trying hard to pick an argument with the people around me, mostly because I feel upset that this happened to me and I feel like people who don't have a problem like this have no idea what it feels like. I feel like someone turned off a switch inside of me and even though I know exactly what I like, it has no effect on me anymore. I have tried testosterone injections in the past... it made me feel weak and almost passed out a couple of time... it was terrible... What i'm looking for is something that helps (to improve libido) ... I was given something stronger than cialis and it had no effect because the problem is not with the equipment but with the switch in my brain being off) ... and maybe I would like to hear from someone who knows what it feels like.