I was diagnosed with hypogonadism about a year ago, I'm 30 now. My total T level baseline before I started therapy would range between 250-300. From what I understand that's about equivalent to the levels a man would have over age 60. Androgel didn't work raising my levels so now I take testopel which are pellets I get injected about every 3 months to keep my levels in a healthy range for my age which should be around 600.

I'm a root cause person so I've been to an endocrinologist and urologist. Had a pituitary MRI done to see if it might be a tumor or something causing secondary hypogonadism. Results came back negative. Urologist said nothing was apparent from a physical exam that my low t is anything testicular related but I'm thinking about trying to have an MRI done of my reproductive organs to check for any kind of growth or something.

Anyone else in a similar situation as me diagnosed with hypogonadism at a younger age than normal and how you are treated and whether you know if it is primary (testicular related) or secondary (pituitary related)