... insurance. 3xs with kaiser and once with my new insurance blueshied. The results are coming back as 206. In a range of 175_700.
I wake up in the morning feeling ok, wanting so badly to get coffee in my system. My diet is in check and I exercise regulary,. Im not over weight. 6ft 160lbs. The issue is, after aprox 1030ish, I feel like I want to crash. I become irratble and really sleepy almost like im on some downer. At night my wife comes home and Im like get ready for bed im exhausted. She asked if I was depressed due to being so snapy and wanting to sleep. Im no doctor but, I would bet my money on the low t. I hear of a lot of men getting prescribed androl and other suplements but my doctors shut the door on me. I cant afford the private HRT to many kids. Can someone let me know what type of doctor I should go see, if my range is low enough that I should receive help. Seems like I keep running into a brick wall when I ask the doctor.

Also, if I cant get help throuh the doctors do over the counter test boosters really work or is it a waste of money? I would rather be under doctors care than trying to medicate myself.

Any feed back is will noted and thanked.
Have a wonderful day!