Didn't think my symptoms of gaining like 20 pounds over the past year, following a healthy diet and exercise but not able to shed the fat accumulating around my midsection, been treated for depression and anxiety the past three years, low energy, and increasing antidepressants hasn't been working lately. Sex drive, well I don't have a problem getting it up and exciting myself, but getting excited for anybody else, well hasn't been there for quite awhile now. I got my lab results back, Hypogonadism??? Really??? At my age??? I thought these symptoms were all because of neurotransmitter deficiencies, but is it really more due to a male hormone defficiency? My lab results came back and my free testosterone was just over 300. My doctor is starting me on Androgel and thinks we should try and get my level up to about 450.

Just curious if there is anyone who had my situation around my age and can offer an optimistic outlook on the prognosis I can hopefully expect.