Most of my young teen/adult life I've been depressed, have headaches/migraines, unable to sleep properly and generally am tired no matter what on top of ED and literally no sexual desire. I've not been diagnosed with anything with this dysfunction yet but I was put on anti depressants and they don't seem to be doing anything other than making me even more tired. I also have glaucoma so I'm on bromindine tartrate twice a day. I recently had my free T level checked from my GP only after practically begging him with the response of "I'm 99% sure it's normal but I'll do it to shut you up." I got my blood drawn around 9am. Got a call 2 days later saying they had already scheduled an appointment for an endocrinologist. When I asked what my level was I was told 219! I now realize it's all connected but I'm not able to be able to seen until January. Is there anything I can do in the mean time? I don't smoke, rarely drink aside for a beer or 2 here and there, my BMI is 21.8 I generally eat fairly healthy. I just want to not be tired 24/7 is all.