Does anyone use Certain Dri on their forehead, face or neck? I just found out about it today and went out and bought 2 bottles. I am so embarrassed by my excessive face and head sweating!! My hair and face get so soaked that I literally have to squeeze the excess water out of my hair and I can't see anything because of the salt dripping right into my eyes. I was even sweating profusely during an appointment in December! I have many medical issues and take a few different medications, so my Doctor tells me that there are probably at least 10 reasons that this is happening to me. I will probably never find out why I sweat so much, but I would sure like to know how to take control of it. I have found different opinions in my research so I would like to know from someone who may have tried it. Has anyone had good results with craniofacial hyperhydrosis? Looking forward to hearing from you!