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Hypereosinophilic Syndrome - if I don't want to take prednasone, what other natural treatment works?

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kaismama 23 Oct 2013

This is not something you want to skip the accepted treatment and try to treat yourself. It can be fatal if not treated appropriately. Unfortunately steroids are the only treatment for it.

Emeraldgirl 24 Oct 2013

Hello Mstendal
I totally understand why you have asked this question. Unfortunately it is one that no one can answer. As you know your diagnosis is extremely rare. Because of this there are no evidence-based guidelines on your condition within the medical field. Thus there is no evidence-based information on alternative therapies. This means that Kaismama is correct. Your clinician can only treat you within what is known to have a favourable result, and that is Prednisolone based treatment.
I wish you well and take care

mstendal 24 Oct 2013

thanks for all the answers. Any help on taking prednisone and not gaining weight.

Emeraldgirl 24 Oct 2013

Hello unfortunately that is one of the side effects of Prednisolone. Mepolizumab
May be of interest to you.
Take care

Cathy448 11 Sep 2015

I'm on gleevec, 100 mg

Mudong 10 Nov 2014

Hi Mstendal,

I just got a diagnosis of HES a week or so ago. Doctor started me on Prednisone but now have switched to Hydroxyurea (Hydrea)... you may want to ask your doctor and let me know his thoughts. Drug not a natural treatment. Suppose to work for HES.

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