It's great to read all the success stories but (although I have not read ALL of them), I am yet to read about someone successfully treating Hiperhidrosis of the Scalp. I don't have a big problem with hands or arms but my Scalp literally POURS like I have a constantly running faucet planted in the middle of my head. It is SO debilitating and I have tried Drysol (no success) and all kinds of other recommendations without success. I need to have a Fan in the Airconditioned Office - I also sweat in cold weather. I have had stress tests etc all of which diagnose that I am totally calm... so it really p**s me off when people tell me not to stress... Anyone else had success with treating Scalp Hiperhidrosis ... the ONLY thing that has made a SLIGHT difference is taking Sage capsules ( but I believe these also make you retain water... which is the last thing I need ).
Also, suggested it would improve if I lose weight ( I put weight on after nearly dying of Pneumonia) however, I have had this condition for years, even when I was skinny.