My son with adhd and depression recently was in the hospital... the doctor (which is not his normal doctor) put him on prozac 10 mg... but it said to take one and a half pills a day (so 15 mg) also he is on .5 (one in the am and one at pm) resperdone and he put him on 10 mg of folican... he made a mistake it was sopossed to be folican extend release... and just wrote the script 10 mg... now when he came home from the hospital I noticed he was very hyper and silly then usual. They had switched him from adderall that he has been on for about a year... to this new adhd meds plus the prozac... Today I talked to the doctor and told him that he was not his usual self... getting up at 6am and hyper all day... not able to keep on task at the outpatient day program and not able to go to bed until 10pm. He switched him back to the adderal 10 mg extended release... so he will start back on that instead of the folican... he sees his normal doctor on Tuesday... Do you think maybe the dosage of prozac is too high for a 9 year old boy? I hate to see my child on so much medication. I have been on prozac before and it gave me insomnia and anxiety.