I have been taking hydroxyzine for two weeks at bedtime to help me sleep and reduce anxiety. I took my regular dose at bedtime tonight. Today I had dental work and they gave me vicodin for the pain. I didn't think and took vicodin with my bedtime meds. When I layed down to go to bed, the vicodin seems to be affecting me more and the other is making me very sleepy. As I started to fall asleep I kept forgetting top breathe, my breaths get slower and slower and that is the only way to explain it. Feels similar to when I had a reaction after surgery and anestisa and I remember the drs kept telling me to take a breath and I thought I was and then they had to help me breath with the bag, and I thought i was breathing. the dr said I was reacting to the pain meds, they had given me to much and I had respitory depression? I have asthma. So I feel that way, and I am scared to lay down, Is this just the meds working fine just stronger seeming, am i crazy, or will I die if I lay down, If I forget to breath in my sleep will my body do it? I am scared. Please answer asap