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Hydroxyzine - Has anyone else decided to stop all meds and battle anxiety naturally and spiritually?

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chuck1957 7 Nov 2015

Sure this happens all the time and we dought the doctors,after over 40 years I learned to take my medications and live a life and stop fighting it and feel better than i every have. But try and go without and end up in Jail Or in a funny coat at the hospital. Sorry I believe in faith God would not have let the people find these medications that help so many if he did not want us to use them. I KNOW I DO MUCH BETTER STABLE then before Chuck1957 Talk to your doctor first some medications can have terrible reactions if you just stop them. CEW.

coloresue 8 Nov 2015

You can control anxiety quite a bit on your own without medication. That much is true. I still take my medication for GAD, which is quite severe. But I also am very spiritual and God oriented and have learned the work of Dr. Abraham Low (no meds) and employ both to help myself. In total, I use a 3 pronged approach to handle my anxiety. I wish you well and if you want to talk more, we can.

ElleMichelle 11 Nov 2015

I REALLY WANT TO STOP and try to do it naturally!!!

PepperM 12 Nov 2015

Orale, recently i've had to stop my medication for anxiety. It's been real hard. I have good and bad days. I do my breathing exercises. I splash water on my face. I take a walk. If all that fails then I go to my room lock the door and take off my shirt. Cause sometimes my clothes make me feel like I can't breathe. I know that sounds silly but it helps me a lot. I absolutely will not take another barbiturates for anxiety. I've learned to do this naturally it's hard but I get through it. Pepper

dwynjanicec 13 Nov 2015

I have done it. I was married to a narcissist who convinced me that if i prayed and had faith in God, that i wouldnt need any of my medications. So i weaned myself off of everything... a few weeks pass and then... I was a mess! Went to a gyno appt and could barely speak i was crying so much. He wrote me out a script for an antidepressant and i got that baby filled asap. I have my faith. I believed. But a diagnosis of MDD (all i had at the time) screams for the chemicals that will help our brains function. Many cannot be without them. Good luck to you.

chuck1957 14 Nov 2015

Orale; How are you doing now. Trust me if you need these medications nothing natural well work. Most don't do the testing the prescription drugs do, and are a scam.Look at all the compines that have been sued just lately in our country.Please talk with your doctor. free discount card

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