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Hydroxyzine 10mg 2xaday for congestion in a 1 year old is this common practice?

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24yr old mom of 3 24 Apr 2010

i dont think its common practice exspecially since your baby is only one. i have 3 kids and their pediatrician never would perscribe them anything except infant tylenol or if they had ear infections then he would perscribe a low dose of amoxicillin to treat the infection. my youngest is 20 months and his doctor has started perscribing things if he needs it really badly. depending on your babys weight the meds can be a dif dosage and awnestly all my kids have been on congestion meds and not once have i heard of the med you were perscribed. my kids have always gotten dimatap something else thats generic that the doctor percribed for congestion and coughing fever runny nose and all that ick stuff. if you like the doctor just trust him or look the med up on

uservo 27 Apr 2010

Thanks for taking the time for your comment to my question. I did not give the baby that med because its a sedative and some kind of anxiety med I looked it up on the computer before giving it to her. Will stick to the old fashion way with tylenol and vicks vapo rub for babies. Its a strange drug for a child but the dr. swares by it .Time for a new dr. Thanks again free discount card

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