Ive been using 3 products for apprpx 10 wks now to get rid of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and forehead. Ive been prescribed Melamin 4% for daytime, and Ketrel .5% blended with Obagi Ni-derm for evenings. I started to see some results to my cheeks after 3-4 wks, but not much on my forehead. My supply is running low and I need to replenish soon, but not sure if I should stick with these products and be more patient for results on my forehead or change to another. They are very costly and Im therefore reluctant to spend hugr amount of money on something that wouldnt give me the desired results. The clinic Im attending said I would need another 1-2 cycles (1 cycle = 6 wks). Can you please advise whether it would be a good idea to persevere? Thank you!