.For the past 2 years ive been taking 7.5mg Hydrocodone. I usually take 2 pills a day, but cut them in half and only take a half every 4 hours. Some days I will take a whole one at once. A couple months ago I was on Perc 5s, and would only take a half at a time as well. Percs would help with pain and give me mild itchiness. The Vicodin helps with my pain but I like them better because they don't make feel spaced out or anything and I can still function perfectly. When I was prescribed the hydromorphone I was nervous they would be too strong for me so I only took a quarter, and now I take full halves, but I feel as if they really don't help me at all. Some of my pain decreases but I'm wondering why theyre not helping as they should? Do I just have a high tolerance?