spinal stenosis. This past month pain worsened and I was taking six 7.5.325 hydrocodone per day which did really help with no side effects. The pain is worse in the morning as soon as I stand up. Just went back to my orthapedic doctor. Have to start physical therapy soon but i am anxious about this causing additional pain. Also just started on hydromorphone 2 mg or 4 mg three times a day depending on my pain level. Took 2 mg about 2 hours ago and it did somewhat lessen the pain after about 30 minutes. I will need to take 4 mg next dose to really control the pain. Has anyone been on hydrocodone for a long time and then switched to hydromorphone? If so how did it work for you compared to the hydrocodone? One of my grown children is very angry and concerned about me for taking the hydromorphone. She wants me to go another doctor(s) and get a second opinion. I like my orthapedic doctor and have no intention of making a change. Just looking for some support from a unbiased person. Any advice would be appreciated.