... levels of hydrocodone in a person's system, grapefruit seems to have that effect on many meds. Just wondering if hydromorphone might also be increased by grapefruit? This would actually be a good thing to know if I had a particularly bad pain day. The way the laws have gone, there are ever more and more hoops to jump thru. I have never had so much as a traffic ticket and still feel like a criminal whenever the doctor's office hands me the cup to pee in. II know they are not picking on me, all patients have to do it every so often. I have nothing to hide, but it still makes me feel like a criminal. I have also read that birth control pills DECREASE the levels of pain meds, is this true? Any other advice, as far as getting the most pain relief would be appreciated. My theory is that it works best when taken on an empty stomach, preceded by nausea meds. I used to take Zofran for years, but suddenly had an episode of full anaphalaxis and they had to switch me to promethazine. Promethazine most often keeps me from actually throwing up, but does not totally relieve the nausea itself. My dose of pain meds is relatively low, and has not been increased in the 8 years I have taken it. In fact, I actually take less now, because I used to get many extra pills from my old doc in a different state. He knew I had anxiety about even getting to my appt (I can no longer drive due to medical issues) and therefore gave me a little padding in case of postponed appt, bad weather, etc etc Now, the dr only gives out the exact, exact amt til the next month. so there is no room for error or missing an appt. It is very nerve wreaking. I am afraid to say anything because if I ask for more perhaps he will think I am reselling my drugs or abusing them. Doesn't 'your body adjust to the meds anyway which requires you need a higher dose over time to get the same effect?