... Hello, I stopped taking Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone 325 mg / 10 mg about 3 weeks ago. I was taking a prescribed 2 or 3 per day and had been for over a year. I had very few withdrawal symptoms, no diarrhea, very little upset at all until after about 10 days when I started experiencing very bad body pain. It is pretty awful and hurts most in arthritic areas of lower back, neck, shoulders, etc. And now it is still just as bad with my muscles just aching and the pain pretty intense. I have searched for this symptom but have not found anything that clearly states that this is part of the withdrawal process. Is this pain a result of not having the drug in my system? Any idea if it will go away or how long it might last? I can hardly sleep and it is really difficult. Thank you in advance. JL