... thought. I had been taking Lortab for about 4-5 years after a bad basketball injury. My doctor still prescribes it, but here's the kicker... on the bottle it says only refillable once per 30 days. It's only 11th of September and I'm nearly out. I didn't realize this restriction until just today. I'm kind of not sure what to do, but I also started on klonopin and wellbutrin, so does anyone have advice on making it through the month? I left my doctor a message explaining that I just now noticed the 30 day requirement, it's fine with me but since I just noticed it now, could I get it filled and that way I can work on tapering down my dose rather than being left with nothing in a few days?

The thing is, I feel like Lortab isn't doing it for me anymore. Not only did it (originally) help with my Achilles tendon pain but I just emotionally felt so much more at ease. I no longer feel that... so right now I feel like I could possibly take it or leave it, since it's just not doing it for me anymore. I'm kind of afraid to tell my doctor that this stuff no longer works (what if he decides to give me nothing then). I've had a couple people say that the Wellbutrin will help me tremendously with the withdrawals (what time should I take it) as well as the klonopin for my anxiety.

I just turned 18 in July, I know, way too early to be mixed up with this. I'm an athlete, a runner, and my heel pain (and possibly anxiety) is what got me into this mess in the first place.

Please offer some of your wisdom on how to physically be okay. Emotionally, as I said, it's not really having the same affect as it used to.

I work out all the time. I don't drink or smoke. I take all kinds of vitamins and supplements. Please help. My parents know nothing about this and I don't want them to