So as all of my friends on here probably know by now.That a couple of months ago.I was on the forums complaining about how vicoden was giving me stomach pains right.Okay so my dr actually took my word for it.Which at first I thought he was going to call me a lier but it turned out better than I expected.So he ended up prescribing me the 5mg tablets of oxycodone.The kind without TYLENOL in it.NO STOMACH PROBLEMS YET!!(Knock on Wood):).There is only 1 problem though.I feel like the oxycodone he prescribed me is just some rip off of Vicoden.In all honesty the Vicoden worked 10X better in terms of pain relief but as you all know.I had to stop it because it was tearing my stomach inside out.I mean have I just not been taking it long enough or maybe 2 low of a dose or does any body else feel like the vicoden actually works better 2??I recently read that hydrocodone gets converted into hydromorphone.Once it reaches your liver and from wikipedia hydromorphone is stronger than oxycodone.So is that maybe the case or do I need a higher dosage of the oxycodone??