Hi all. Not sure if any here remembers me... I was here about a year ago in need of assistance with getting off oxy /hydrocodone. Prescribed for ovarian cysts/ruptures. Alot of really wonderful people helped me. Anyway, I had another rupture about 2 mths ago and I
have been taking first oxy and now hydrcodone daily ever since. I knew that this was Not a good thing so I began weaning myself down. I have been faithful to my plan and I'm now down to
5mg a day tops. 2.5 around noon and the other half around 11:30pm. At tops I took 30mg of oxy a day and when switching to hydrocodone I started out at about 6 5/500 a day. So... my question is..why do I still feel like I have the flu? Is this ever going to end should I just stop the taper and CT? I'm also afraid that even coming off such a low dose that I'm gonna still experience ed's anyway. Any help is appreciated