It takes about 30-45 minutes to kick in, then lasts about 3 hours, so I have another 4 hours before another scheduled dose. I'm fanatical about taking them as scheduled. My PCP doesn't want to go to 4 times daily (even though when I'm not having a flare, one 20-day prescription will last me 2-3 months).

So I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with lowering the dose so it can be taken more often? I was thinking if I went to 5 mg every 6 hours, I'd get less daily dose than I'm getting right now but if I can take them more often, might be able to avoid those 4 hours of misery before the next scheduled dose. Anyone have thoughts? I'm really at my wit's end; nothing is helping except the Norco (NSAIDs do help some but I have GI issues and should not take them regularly; gabapentin helps *sometimes* but makes me so dizzy I walk into walls).