3- Norco 10's a day, taken 8 hours apart, regularly, faithfully, handles enough relief only for 4 hours after each dose. Quality of life already bad, take away 1 , quality of life becomes almost none existent. Can at least move with reg dosage. does not remove all pain, nothing would do that. but reg dose was at least tolerable. remove 1 and no moving around till noon, going to bed at 9. Never wanted more then just enough so i could at least go to school and church. Now what. allergic to several alternate pain meds, If substitute a Excedrin like med to get same effect is to dangerous for liver and kidneys. So what does a person do about trying to tolerate as much as they can. NO side effects, no withdrawal symptoms, but no moving. lying as still as possible settles everything. Boom No quality of life.