Hi, I was in a bad car wreck years ago and have a really messed up back! I've been taking hydrocodone 10/325 for about 13 years. My body has adjusted to the medicine so much that I need something a lil stronger. I am allergic to just about everything! Except demoral and Percocet! I just recently went to a gastro dr because I'm having a lot of stomach problems. He said the Tylenol is eating away at the stomach fluid that protects the stomach and I need a medication without Tylenol in it. I will see my back dr in a couple weeks. I hate asking for anything different because doctors are so careful these days about narcotics. A nurse told me that you can get oxycodone without Tylenol. I just don't know how to ask without my dr thinking something. I do not want to switch my hydrocodone, just maybe try the Percocet like once a day to see how I react to it. I DO NOT like feeling loopy! So, I don't want to be on Percocet as an all day medication. Any advise would be appreciated! Thank You!