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Hydrocodone - is there a antitoxin to help with the cleansing the body of h ydro codone?

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b80m4rl 18 May 2011

I once used a "cleansing" drink from one of those stores in schenectady on Jay st. I stopped taking the dros 4 days before a urine test for probation-It was called "extra clean"-(theres thurough directions on the bottle)I did pass the test but i believe it will only help clean it out of your urine (kidneys). Hydros have a fairly short half life, but depending on which kind of test is used to determine if youve used opiates it may still show up. I think its pretty much hard to detect after 7 days, but like i said depending on the quality of the test it may still show use even after 7 days. Im not positive but i believe its out of your system in like 16 days-Hope that helps you free discount card

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