Hydrocodone - Hi/Help,I am 33 yrs old/married with a child of almost 2 and have a horrible addiction to hydro I mean real bad in my eyes,it is causing probs in the home not to mention the financial troubles it causes and the worries about where my next batch will come from and constantly on the chase and that is ontop of being of prescribed 120 5/500 mth. I take on avg about 100/120 mgs daily(if available) when I cant get them I will resort to percocet to get the monkey off of my back... I just recently was able to tell my wife that I do know I have a prob and dont what to do..When I go just 1 day(not even full24 hr) I am so sick/mad/weak/nautious/sense of smell is like a bloodhound and EVERYTHING stinks and I cant get going and just dont feel right in general..Today I am totally out and I do know to get abunch for 2$ and it is killing me not to make that call(you know) I dont know what I am looking or wanting to hear but I need some advice on getting off of this trainride please.Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated