... just at work Monday -Friday , sometimes Saturday. So for example I'd take 2.5 pills Monday, 2 on tue, 2.5 wed, 2.5 Thur , 3 Friday, An sometimes 2 if I worked on sat. So about 12-15 pills a week. I had this routine for almost two years. At my job we get two weeks off one at thanksgiving An one at xmas so I'd usually cut back about 5 of the 7 days . I noticed this year I had really bad depression during xmas so I actually just stopped taking the norcos . It's been 10 days An the depression has subsided but I still have a worry feeling that works going to be hard to get thru because I was so use to using at work . Last week was my first full week not on any An it was decent but the last two days it was pretty hard to do the work, I'm a pool An spa tech. So my question is would my habit be considered a bad one ? Was the depression from stopping? It's funny cuz I'd always get bummed out or down on weekends lately An always look forward to going back to work An I never put the two together so possibly these pills had been causing depression. Sorry for the rambling but just wanted to share