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I have hydrocodone/apap 7.5/500 in liquid for a child. What is dosage for 115 lb adult?

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kaismama 13 Oct 2013

If the med isn't prescribed for the adult, then its wrong to take it. The persons dr should prescribe it for them.

grannyreeder1 13 Oct 2013

If this page is judgemental then I want no part of it! Nobody said anyone was taking it.

kaismama 14 Oct 2013

Well then you're stuck because we aren't going to tell you how to use a narcotic illegally.

DzooBaby 14 Oct 2013

She is not being judgmental. It is ILLEGAL to take another persons prescription and this one is a controlled substance to boot! Read on the the prescription label-as mine ALL say: Caution, Federal law prohibits the transfer of this drug to ANY person other than the patient for whom it was prescribed. This means it is a federal offense to use a prescription medication that was prescribed for another and "transfer" means any use by another! Hydrocodone is a controlled substance as well which compounds the offense. If you are having pain bad enough that OTC meds like Excedrin is not working, then you need to see your physician. There could be something serious like a blood clot and if you are just masking the pain then it could be life threatening. We would be remiss to tell you to use a controlled substance prescribed for another person. It has nothing what so ever with being "judgmental". It is the law!

HeadStarter 14 Oct 2013

It depends entirely on the general health of that person. It isn't quite so cut and dry on your question. Can you give more information please???


kaismama 14 Oct 2013

Its not her medication mary.

grannyreeder1 14 Oct 2013

Thanks for at least trying. The person has made me feel guilty and unwelcome on this website. I have been having leg and foot pain and I was just trying to ease the pain until I decide to go to the doctor. Excedrin does nothing. But that is ok, I understand completely.

DzooBaby 14 Oct 2013

We are sorry that you feel unwelcome on this site. You are very welcome here but we would be remiss if we told you it was okay to use another persons prescription, controlled substance medication. This is against the law and you should feel guilty and I think you know this and this is why you feel guilty in the first place. If your pain is severe enough that OTC's are not working then perhaps you should go to an Urgent Care or Emergency room if you cannot see your regular doctor right away. Masking the pain may do you a disservice if something like a blood clot is causing your pain.

BeYondRepair 16 Oct 2013

While I have to agree with the advice you have already gotten, I understand not feeling welcome. I have only been on here for a few days. A friend who is no longer here suggested I join. Lots of medical problems, depression, etc. I was thrilled when people "friended" me, as I am still learning my way around the site. The 1se person to contact me told me to change my username!! Not knowing my situation, or anything about me, I found that quite rude. But, there has been more good than bad, so far. Please see a doctor as soon as you can so you can get some relief. BR

kaw06 16 Oct 2013

FYI I felt "beyond repair " when I found this website as well, lol, but yes we are a friendly bunch overall. I completely understand KM's reply, there are so many "druggies" looking to get high you just have to go by the legal issues. So sorry if you were offended :^)

BeYondRepair 16 Oct 2013

Kaw - thank you for understanding that I was offended, more hurt than offended, but same boat, huh? If it were someone who knew me, my situation etc, they would totally get it. I think honesty is a must in these groups. If this person just didn't like it and said so, it would have had different impact on me. I am slowly opening up and meeting some really nice people. I am trying to socialize more, and I am just trying to let it go. With so many people with so many serious problems here, it surprised me someone would use their time to attack my username. I am not here to judge, but was judged before I even got the chance to ask or answer a question. Please tell me there aren't many of those around. I only joined b/c I was refered by someone no longer a member, who spoke highly of the site. Oh well, so far, that is my only negative. NOT saying this about ANYONE in particular, but, in all aspects of life there are people who like to stir up stuff. I am not that kind of person.

kaismama 16 Oct 2013

And I'm being totally honest. Its illegal to take someone else's narcotic, and we can be in trouble for helping you do that. I don't think you realize you can go to jail for doing that. free discount card

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