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Hydrocodone - My advice for side effects: Zoloft for depression and Valium for anxiety?

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chuck1957 20 Dec 2015

gigimac; nobody has answered yet and I don't really understand what you are asking is this to avoid withdrawals, or? if not please post what your saying clearer and we well see if we can help.

gigimac 28 Dec 2015

I had made a comment to you before, but it didn't show up when I was in here today. My "question" was more advice to people who experienced depression and anxiety, as to what drugs worked for me with those. I have clinical depression, and with hydrocodone, I dropped into one of the deepest depressions of my life, so had to up my dose of Zoloft, likewise got jumpy and increased Valium. I'm fine now. Thank you for your interest. Do these comments not show up or something?

chuck1957 28 Dec 2015

Hi this is the only comment I have gotten IM sorry but I think it is a bug in the system again so if you don't see it put it in again. Thanks for letting me know and I am glad you are doing better yes we have to watch everything we take.This is not fun at all Thank you so much for letting me know have a great day.

geekygranny 26 Dec 2015

I don't get depressed or anxious on it at all!

gigimac 28 Dec 2015

Geeky, I'm glad you told me that... I will assume now that only those susceptible to depression and anxiety may find an increase in symptoms, which is helped by increasing doses of antidepressants and tranqs. On the other hand, it took about four months for my symptoms to get so bad that I had to do something about it...

chuck1957 28 Dec 2015

gigimac; yes what Laurie is saying is so true. It seem like if we are more prone to depression etc even medications and such can put you in a funk. Sorry your comment did not get to me i tried a comment to you because I have been having problems with it myself so it is not you.Please feel free to come back if you need any advice etc or share something we are all just fighting the fight and trying to survive but trying for new people not to have to go through all we did to get there.chuck1957 free discount card

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