I had become severely addicted to hydrocodone 7.5/325 after 3.5 years of legitimate use. My untreatable condition somehow improved to nearly no pain but I continued the narcotic and increased it as tolerance and addiction grew. Finally, This month I said enough and put a end to it. I called all the DRs how write scrips for me and said I was addicted and not to give me any narcotics then I checked myself into the VA hospital psych unit for a 5 day detox. Strange thing is I didn't have cravings or withdrawals and the way they tapered me down my first day of no narcotic was my last day of detox April 15. I am 14 days clean now but I have terrible cravings. I really want to take the med and am ashamed of it. I have thought out plans to get more but haven't yet acted. It is a dangerous time for me and I feel I could easily relapse. I have heard great things about Suboxone but it is still a narcotic and that makes me afraid that I will substitute one drug for another. My question is should I ask for suboxone to prevent relapse or should I just grit my teeth and keep going forward. I am told 6 weeks and I should be over the worst of the cravings and six months and this episode of my life is over. What do you guys suggest?