Doctor is having problems getting anything that doesn't cause problems. Am just sensitive to any meds for anything! Extremely allergic to penicillin and some to sulfa, cannot take Cipro, ever again. Main complaint with this Valsartan / H/CTZ is redness and swelling of lower legs and ankles, also extreme hair loss and insomnia! Very frustrated with this situation! I had problems in the beginning , feeling extremely tired and like I might pass out not able to do my housework, loss of interest in usual things and have gained weight. I did consult with my doctor and he agreed to let me take half the dose 160-12.5MG but still have same problems. Would like to try something else as I am very depressed at present. I should add I have had stomach problems and the gastro doctor has prescribed Cholostyramine for my extreme diarrhea and it works well for that, however in researching Valsartan/HCT/Z those two do not work well together.