... prescribed to take. I now have a few new Dr's, and one told me to stop taking one med, which got me thinking of what else to stop taking with doctors approval, of course. I stopped taking singulair, omeprazole, allupurinol, and now lisinopril/hctz. I'm on day 3 of keeping track of my bp 3 times a day. He said if I feel fine without lisinopril, I can stop taking this as well. I have lost over past 4 years 45 pounds, which isn't a ton, and have increased exercise by walking daily. Is this going to be safe to stop taking? Just curious. I also have hypothyroidism and diabetes, and while I know I cannot stop taking these meds, I am concerned with the burden all medication will have on my kidneys. I am 59, female and 192 pounds. Thank you@