My 9 year old, 4.9kg Maltese was diagnosed with Grade ll /low grade (suspect pre-treatment with prednisone) Mast Cell Tumor on his left medial stifle. He was initially treated with prednisone in preparation for surgical removal on 1/29/13. Due to his size and tumor location they were unable to obtain clean margins although there was no overt evidence of disease. He then received a Vinblastine protocol of 6 infusions with significant neutropenic response. He is POSITIVE for c-Kit mutation. On 5/3/13 he began Palladia 10mg every M-W-F and has had NO adverse reactions. He is monitored every 8 weeks with BPs, UAs, CBCs, Chemistry Panels, Protein/Creatine ratios and Abdominal Ultrasounds all of which have showed NO further evidence of disease. I am extremely pleased with his response to surgery and chemotherapy but AFTER 14 MONTHS OF PALLADIA I am unsure as to HOW LONG HE SHOULD REMAIN ON SUCH A TOXIC DRUG WITHOUT JEOPARDIZING HIS CHANCE OF A RE-OCCURRANCE?