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My husband has Uevtis and we r out of medicine what can he take till we get t OK doctor?

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chuck1957 8 Nov 2015

Jillbr; Call your pharmacy and tell them you are completely out and ask if you can get a couple days supply until they can get the okay from your doctor your husband should not go without his medication, Then start to mark on the calendar a day to reorder his prescriptions so you don't run into this problem.Depending on what the medications are almost any pharmacist well get you through the weekend.So if you get a month supply mark your calendar 25 days to reorder prescriptions so this does not happen again. Next time your husband is in to the doctor see if you can get new prescriptions and tell the doctor it runs out on times he or she is not in the office and see if they well put some refills on the prescription. Good luck now call your pharmacy and let them know what is up. Chuck1957 free discount card

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