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My husband takes vicodine 7.5 and he had a job drug test come back positive for morphine why?

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balbanese 16 Apr 2012

Sometimes these tests aren't specific enough, the more specific the test the more expensive it is for them. It may be set to detect any opiate or "codone." Your husband takes Hyrododone and the test is looking for Oxycodone, Hydromorphone, in other words anything in or near the Opiate family.

ronica5426 17 Apr 2012

thanks it was an 10 panal plus ethanol it was a $65 dollar test and the people who gave the test said its not possilbe for hydrocodine to test positive opiates/morphine but my pharmist said it very possible that vicodin is a cousin to morphine and there nothing i can do

balbanese 17 Apr 2012

The really sensitive tests cost around $500.00 and they can pick out anything, so yes I would say this one could easily mistake one in "the family" for another. Best. Please click on helpful if I was. free discount card

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