My husband has Bipolar and he started this med on Monday and I was about to take him back to the psychiatrist for help determining if this is a good idea for him. He's saying he's afraid to be alone, and just really scared. I had to talk him out of the closet. He's calling me constantly throughout the day while I'm at work with very random questions that are way out of left field, and seems a bit paranoid... He's home alone and I don't know if this is a good idea. I'm very concerned about this med but I'm trying to hold on for 2 wks... It's so crazy that meds do this and that side effects last this long! Why give a person a med that will heighten their anxieties or symptoms..they may not make it through the 2 wks?? What should I expect once the med is actually in his system as it should be? This is his 4th day on the med... It's getting hard because I'm having to answer his calls/texts all day while I'm at work for fear that he's going to harm himself and he just got out of a facility yesterday after a failed suicide attempt on Saturday.