My husband is on 50 mcg of Duragesic, valium 5-10 mg 3x/day & 3 Norco a day. He buys xanax & takes it daily (not as much as the opiates but still not prescribed) & worst of all,buys & takes 15+ Loricet (on top of the 3 Norco making ~18 breakthrough drugs a day). He knows this is a problem but he feels the pain is so great he has no other alternative. He says he's not an addict as there's a differance between an addict & someone in pain who is undermedicated. He dismisses non-drug related alternatives. He used to suffer from daily migraines until his Dr. discovered a severe vitamin D difficiency & he no longer takes migraine meds. He says he's waiting for a Dr. To discover something like that to cure his neck pain & he will at that point stop/go to rehab if he must. I am familiar with drug addiction as I once had a fairly serious addiction to Loricet but I was taking it for it's mood altering affects. He says his meds have no effect on his mood that when he's without them or doesn't have enough he's cranky bc he's HURTING & anyone would be like that. He has a different motive for his consumption therefore disreguards the majority of my suggestions. He fears the pain. I've seen him off the meds (only loricet at that point) and he was still in a significant amount of pain. Because most of his joints are significantly hypermobile he diagnosed himself w/Ehlers-Danlos syndrome as this pain/hypermobility does run in his family. The Dr's agreed to the possibility but sometimes I think it was because they were reaching for an answer. He's had every test in the book & been to every type of specialist out there. He will not be honest with his pain management Dr. I don't wanna take measures to have him cut off bc I do think a good portion of he pain is real. We're losing everything even our house due to financial strain. He cannot hold a job due to a combination of fluxuating drug supply, pain & drug side affects. He says he's one of those people who just need the meds & longs to live painfree, what's so wrong with that? He says he can't hold a job entirely bc of the Ehlers-Danlos. I can't decifer how much of that is accurate anymore. I love him so much but if this continues he will die. I work 90 hr work weeks to support our household & I'm tired. My 5 year old is being mentally affected. Please someone tell me what to do. I haven't been able to find another person's story thats similar enough to mine to relate wth completly. I'm scared. He's convinced this is his only option & has told me if need be I don't have to agree with him & he will stand alone & fight this battle for those who are undermedicated & denied meds to assist with them living a "normal" & "quality" life. This is not normal or quality. How do you tell someone you may just have to live with pain? How do you expect someone to cope with that? How can I deny him relief? I know the definition of someone wo enables. I know I enable him by allowing the extra drug buying but again how humane is it to deny him relief? What is real? I have made a commitment to stand beside him no matter what but we are going down so fast. Please someone... advise me with a mind of compassion & not judgement. I've had my fair share of that. Thank you.