... treatment of which diseases? Thank you. He has had head and brain trauma and has adhd and I think a more extreme problem. And will be on butrans patch, an anti inflammation pill and then to Suboxone once our insurance goes through in several weeks. He needs, no we need help immediately. Without the drugs he is paranoid, cannot leave without me, sometimes hears things and twists them. I have asked myself and had several others aske if there's a chance he is possessed. Face turns sheet white, he can't eat. Cannot speak clearly ir in complete sentences. His face moves like an animal and has these... breakdowns when we're apart... help! Does this sound like anyone you know? I nearly had him committed a few times. But he thinks he is totally 100%normal fine, even when he is missing whole days. His ex wife divorced him after 20 years of bliss, after he fell off a roof while building it. Can anyone help me?