Can you have panic attacks so bad where its makes your speech slur, wants to sleep afterwards (lots), get sad or depressed, get lighted,over whelmed,stare in to space. My husband can have a great day, normal speech, good day at work, or on a saturday with family then all of sudden his speech starts to slur, staring into space and having some trouble remembering things like his grandson name that lives with us, he would call him baby instead of braxton.. This all started a year ago after he hit himself on the cheek bone with hammer by accident. We have took ct scans, mri's bllod wk etc etc. But everything shows up normal.After a couple of hrs or so, his speech does get back to normal and its like nothing ever happened until another espoide. Now they say that he has bipolar. I really dont know anymore where to turn.. Someone please help me..