My husband has hepatic encephalopathy, stage 4 cirrohsis & hep C. The hepatitis treatment failed. He has severe muscle wasting and is down to 123 pounds at 6ft. He is only 47 years old. He is taking lactolose, diazapam and zoloft and seroquel for depression and rages. He has severe back pain and is also taking morphine. Lately he has started searching for things. He doesnt know what he is looking for or forgets what he is looking for. He looks in the clothes that have been folded in their pockets that have been put into the dressers. He looks in all the cabinets and drawers, under chairs and in our couches. I pick on him sometimes and ask him did he loose his marbles. Still it bothers me and I can see the sorrow in our teenagers eyes when he's doing this searching. Is there anything that can be done? Has anyone had the same problem?