My husband got his 4 front teeth pulled out recently and came home with a partial. I thought he had his teeth bonded because they looked so great. Then the next thing I know he's talking to me with his front teeth missing. I was shocked. That's when he told me they were pulled out. He comes home everyday after work and the first thing he does is remove his partial. His mouth looks terrible and I can't stand the sight of him when he's talking and laughing and all I can see are his fangs. His tongue won't leave his gums alone and he reminds me of a Grandpa making funny motions with his lips and tongue. The other night he wanted to have sex and I was scared to kiss him with teeth. I did but it grosses me out. I don't know how to be attracted to him anymore. If he'd just keep his partial in 24/7 I could deal with it. It bothers him so he removes it. But dang... I don't mean to be selfish because I'm sure he hates it more than I do but I wasn't prepared for this like he obviously was. He's 61. My feelings have totally changed for him as I just can't get over his missing teeth. What do I do? We've been married for 10 years. I never saw this coming.