... and mood swings with monthly cycle. I think Lamictal made me bipolar. My thought process & behavior became irrational. I was not me anymore. I’d have obsessive compulsive manic episodes to kick my ass & get a life but it was so exhausting I would inevitably crash after a few weeks into deep depression. Then get angry with myself for giving up & kick my ass again into another obsessive compulsive phase to catch up all my responsibilities I let slide. It has been 8 miserable yrs of being trapped on this roller coaster ride to hell. 3 yrs ago I experienced something I had never experienced before. Someone triggered me into (I call it now.. a manic hyper sexual episode). No one could explain what was happening to me & at age 60 this was the ultimate hell because he didn’t stay. Recently the physical side effects of Lamictal took hold & I have been 6 weeks without it in my system. It was like a light switched on in my brain & misery begin to loose it’s grip on me. I didn’t feel like I was loosing my mind anymore. 3 yrs of 24 hr a day sex drive on steroids with no outlet started fading. Now I’ve been diagnosed with Drug Induced Lupus. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t pull my life together after 8 yrs & nobody else wanted to hear it anymore. Now I think I know the answer but could I be wrong... Was it grief or Lamictal??