A year ago he started having a notion that everyone in his office is trying to communicate with him through telepathy,giving orders and directions which were never spoken,we went to neurologist who I think wrongly diagnosed him as bipolar.He started the psychotic medicines but that made the situation worse,then came voices in his head and the sometimes images.Fortunately within six months of his condition we came across a homeopathic practitioner who spent a day studying him and talking to family.His medicines gave him immediate relief. For 4 months we thought we have our life back ,everything became normal.Then he told me he is having a delusion that he is having an affair with a women at work.I tried to make peace with it and treated the situation as act of his mind and told myself nothing to worry about.Myself and the practitioner suggested that he should take a transfer or girl should be moved to a different team"Out of sight ,out of mind", he resisted saying its not possible ,he doesn't have sufficient powers in office.Around sametime I had taken a break from work for IVF before we were aware of his condition.Needless to say IVF failed and stress worsened the situation.I tried to take care of him with all my focus and hadn't started any new job .Now he is angry with me that I have become a liability and should be independent.There are possible avenues in another city/country that I know but he is reluctant to do anything about it.Over one year I observed he has started interacting more with that girl on lightly personal conversations, he gets upset when her promotion is denied and so on.When I ask questions ,no definite answer or solution comes out, just that I should get a job and independent and all of this is "my empty mind creations". This has hurt me so badly that I have started losing hope in our marriage.I cry all the time and very depressed. He wants me to start our own business and then he can resign,but that could take years and he will be there in the same office so will she. I wanted to help him and relocate and start new but he does not agree. Atleast I have loved him unconditionally for past 7 years and breaks my heart when he want to share his love saying he loves me 90% and cant she have 10%!! I cant seem to find a solution, I hate wasting our best years fighting.