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Husband has cornea ulcers wants to why he has alot drainage and pain and will he be able to see aga?

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MacIntosh12 31 Jan 2013

Hi concerned wife,
Has he been to the doctor? Have any doctors put him on medication?
If you could give us a little more information we could perhaps help a bit more.
I recently had what my eye doc called a "skinned eyeball" like a skinned knee, when one falls and scrapes up their knee? It felt very painful.
But it is better now.

Does your husband have itching and redness in his eyes? Like perhaps pink-eye? Is that possible? I'm so sorry to ask so many questions, but if you provide that info maybe you can get some help here.

Best wishes, and stay with us,

DzooBaby 31 Jan 2013

He should be under the care of an ophthalmologist. Corneal ulcers are very painful. If he has an infection, it may be contributing to the drainage. Corneal ulcers can cause cloudy blurry vision. When the cornea swells it turns cloudy. Corneal ulcers can lead to blindness if they are not properly treated by an ophthalmologist. free discount card

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