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My husband checked blood sugar 4 times in 4 minutes and it varied up to 60 points. Why?

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DzooBaby 21 Jan 2014

When he did it, did he get the blood from the same place (one "stick" with the lancet for all four readings?) When you test blood sugar, one should wipe away the first drop of blood and take the reading with the second drop to get rid of the initial "capillary" blood which may not have an accurate amount of blood sugar. If he used blood from one area, it is because subsquent readings were the "true" readings as he got rid of the capillary blood. If the readings were from different sites and he used the first drop instead of wiping away the first drop and taking the reading with the second one, he was getting varying reading because capillary blood doesnt give you an accurate reading. You will get varying readings but not more than 10 points when done correctly. Make sure the machine is calibrated, that the strips are not expired or exposed to light/air/moisture etc. and always wipe away alcohol from swab with clean cotton then stick with the lancet, wait for a drop of blood squeezing very gently as needed, wipe away the initial drop with cotton not alcohol swab (alcohol can affect the readings) and take the reading with the second drop for the most accurate reading.

Janeann22 22 Jan 2014

Thank you, Dzoobaby! He was just diagnosed two weeks ago, so we're trying to figure it all out.

endlessPred 22 Jan 2014

First, be sure it is taken before eating. Be very careful about snacking randomly because that won't give your system time to adjust from the last round.

Be sure you go to the diabetic nurse teaching session to learn the proper way to test, when or when not to treat, and what to avoid or change to make him more healthy and all of this a lot easier. Every member of your immediate family ought to learn how to treat low blood sugar and high blood sugar. If he sweats and feels faint, don't wait to see if the gets better. He may need something right away so test.

It starts out complicated sounding, but just like learning to drive a car, it becomes quite simple once you know how one thing flows into the next. It will become second nature and I so hope he will be doing well. Watch him as he loses weight if he needs to do so and starts exercise for sudden low sugars. Have that packet of sugar, tablets or even mentos along with the meter and insulin wherever he goes. You will learn how his body reacts to things. It will become second nature within a month or two. Wishing him the best.

Janeann22 22 Jan 2014

Thanks, Endless! The only symptoms he was having was frequent urination and irritability. He says that he hasn't had any other symptoms. This is the 5th time he has gone to the dr in our 26 years of marriage, so he is not used to having something wrong. Poor guy!

endlessPred 13 Feb 2014

Guess the problem is probably because he isn't following the rules. My hubby of thirty years will go if I push him with the reality of his situation. I am with a rare disease. He still works on trying to understand. All the doctor visits I need has taught him to go. Saved his heart. Make him go and report his test results. Time to get real if he wants to be around longer. Be sure you both read the literature on it and always go together. It takes a team with diabetes to stay on track. Meals are as important as the insulin and blood tests. I wish you both better results. free discount card

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